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Revitalization of Rural Organizations and Social Governance in the New Era (Special Issue, No.47, 2019)


By Zhang Xiaohuan & Tian Linlin, Research Team on “The Innovation of China’s Rural Governance in the New Era”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.47, 2019 (Total 1675) 2019-7-29

Abstract: The rural organization is the bridge linking the Party and governments with the broad mass of farmers and also the important support to the rural revitalization strategy. In order to raise the level of rural social governance, we need to constantly improve the system of rural organizations, flesh out the institutional mechanism and enhance the vitality of the system. The system of China’s rural organizations still needs to be improved to meet the requirement of the rural revitalization strategy. The social governance ability of Party organizations in the rural areas is weak, the relations among rural organizations has not yet been adjusted to a right order, the leading force of rural organizations to economic development is insufficient, the rural “hollow-out” has caused the lack of self-governing entity and rich people governing the village, and the building capability of rural organizations for public spirit is not very strong. In the future, we need to insist on the core position of the Party in social governance in rural areas and give full play to the leading and collaborative role of the Party organizations in order to form a governance system in which governments shoulder the main responsibility and the people take part in rural governance with the coordination of social organizations according to relevant laws. The powerful synergy of multiple governance bodies also needs to be made use of, so as to provide strong institutional guarantee for social governance in rural areas and rural revitalization.

Key words: rural revitalization, organization revitalization, rural social governance