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The Practice and Legislation of Health Impact Assessment: International Experience and Enlightenments (Special Issue, No.22, 2019)


By Hao Zhirong & Gu Linni, Research Team on “The Health Impact Assessment System”, Center for International Knowledge on Development, China

Research Report, Special Issue, No.22, 2019 (Total 1650) 2019-3-15

Abstract: The concept of health impact assessment has stemmed from relevant international organizations since 1980s, and its practice started from the exploration of some European countries in 1990s. At present, proactive efforts have been made by some countries and organizations in the application of health impact assessment and rich experience has been gained in its legislation. For example, countries like Thailand guide the health impact assessment with their Constitutions; in countries represented by Canada and Australia, legislation is the forerunner; those including the U.S. have adapted clauses of health impact assessment into their environment impact assessment legislation. Hence, the following policy options are suggested for China: first, international experience needs to be drawn regarding the legislation and practice of health impact assessment and efforts need to be made to strengthen the institutional building of health impact assessment; second, piloting experiments should be carried out in the innovation districts on the list of the national sustainable development agenda and high-risk industries or projects like thermal power field.

Key words: health impact assessment, international experience, legislation