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Developed Countries’ Experiences and Enlightenments in Supporting and Regulating Sharing Economies (No.134, 2018)


By Yang Chao, Research Team of “The Development and Policies of China’s Sharing Economies”, DRC

Research Report, No.134, 2018 (Total 5409) 2018-8-22

Abstract: In recent years, sharing economies developed well in developed countries such as the United States, the European Union and its member states, South Korea and Australia, and the economic scale as well as the number of employees have grown rapidly. In areas such as traveling and housing, a number of enterprises engaged in sharing economy have grown up and they have fostered many users and at the same time, typical enterprises with characteristics of their own countries have emerged. In order to support and regulate the development of sharing economies, those countries and regions have made clear the legal status of sharing economy operation as well as the responsibilities and powers of all parties engaged in it and supported the development of sharing economy through cooperation between government and enterprises and through other approaches. China should learn from the practices and experiences of the developed countries and regions, make regulations on the legal status of the sharing economy and on the relationship between the platform, workers and consumers, formulate relevant industry standards, strictly implement and create a fair and convenient business environment, and provide support for the healthy and orderly development of the sharing economy.

Key words: sharing economy, developed countries, policies, experiences and enlightenments