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The Development of Urbanization in Yunnan Province in the Coming Few Years: Strategies and Suggestions (No.130, 2018)


By Wang Wei, Deng Yusong & Zhao Yong, Research Institute of Market Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.130, 2018 (Total 5405) 2018-8-16

Abstract: The innovation development of Yunnan province’s urbanization in the coming few years should be aimed at improving the level and quality of urbanization development in accordance with the principle of adapting market-oriented measures to local conditions and based on opening up, innovation and fair sharing. Efforts need to focus on the issues of speeding up the construction of a new urban system from one metropolis to polycentric metropolis based on networking and opening up, accelerating the cultivation of new drivers for urbanization service industry, improving the city’s function and enhancing the city’s ability to lead the development, exploring new ways for the construction of small towns with urban-rural integration and development, and enhancing the level of infrastructure interconnection, in order to achieve breakthroughs in the adjustment of urban structure, the transformation of development drivers, the integration of urban and rural areas, and the construction of diversified small towns. Efforts need to be made for Yunnan province to further opening-up to the outside world, speed up the reform and innovation of institutional mechanism, improve the policy environment for urbanization development, move faster for urbanization drive from a swift development to a high-quality development, and blaze new trails for innovative urbanization advance with distinctive features of Yunnan province.

Key words: urbanization, innovation and development, urban system, urban function, Yunnan province