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The Development Trend of International Financial Pattern and China’s Strategic Options (No.118, 2018)


By Chen Ning, Zhang Liping, Wang Gang, Sun Fei, Cao Shengxi & Wu Tong, Research Team on “Changes in the International Economic Pattern and China’s Strategic Options”, DRC

Research Report, No.118, 2018 (Total 5393) 2018-7-31

Abstract: The international financial pattern mainly includes the patterns of international monetary system, international financial resource allocation and international financial governance. Since the international financial pattern is influenced by many factors, this research paper mainly focuses on three of them in the financial field including frequent financial crises, advancement of financial globalization and fintech innovation. On the whole, the adjustment of global financial pattern moves forward quite slowly and developed economies such as the United States and European countries are still leading the process. However, newly emerged economies are playing an increasingly important role and the international financial pattern is developing in a diversified manner under the influence of the three factors. As the largest developing economy, China’s status in the international financial pattern has remarkably increased. In a bid to keep in line with the adjustment of its macro national strategies, China should set key national strategic goals in terms of improving the competition of its financial organizations in the world, moving faster to build more international financial centers at home, improving the status of RMB as an international currency, enhancing China’s role in international governance system and propelling the development of fintech. Relevant sectors should also formulate specific measures in this regard.

Key words: the global financial pattern, development trend, strategic options