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Difference between National Parks and Tourist Attractions and New Approaches toward the Development of National Park Tourism (No.100, 2018)


By Su Hongqiao & Su Yang, Management World Magazine

Research Report, No.100, 2018 (Total 5375) 2018-6-22

Abstract: According to the rules of the existing documents, the expansion of tourist attractions overlaps with natural conservation areas to a considerable extent, and the local governments are also accustomed to making natural conservation areas into public tourist attractions or tourist resorts. However, the two kinds of areas have obvious differences in their management systems, development concepts and goals, as well as the specific work scopes. Especially after the central government has clearly put forward “establishing a natural conservation area system with national parks as its main part”, the difference will separate the development of the two. Although a national park is not a tourist attraction, it can develop a national park tourism based on the national park system, the national park brand system as well as the small towns with distinctive features. It can adopt the ideas of the development of the three-industry integration and upgrading to sustainably realize value-added ecological products, and achieve the transformation from the traditional development approach positioning at tourist attractions to the green development mode aiming at the ecological civilization.

Key words: national park, tourist attraction, national park tourism, small towns with distinctive local features