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The Government Needs to Shore up the Development of Industrial Design with National Strategies(No.19, 2018)


By Wei Jigang, Research Department of Industrial Economy, DRC & Li Yaokun, Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research report No.19, 2018 (Total 5294) 2018-1-19

Abstract: The core goal of industrial design is to inject social and cultural factors into the industrial production system to integrate and optimize the functions, structures, procedures, appearances and prototypes of industrial products and produce modern industrial products with both functional and culturally attribute. More than 20 countries in the world have formulated national strategies on the development of industrial design, taking this industry as a significant component of the national soft power and a significant approach for moving towards the mid-to-high end of manufacturing industry. China’s industrial design industry is witnessing a phase of high-speed industrialization growth in which the industrial scale has increased remarkably, demands have augmented steadily and the industrial landscape has taken an initial shape. However, it is still facing prominent problems in terms of the inappropriate industrial design system, weak professional technological abilities, insufficient application of the designs among enterprises, unsound market mechanism and unfavorable policy environment. In this regard, China needs to push ahead with the formulation of strategies supporting the development of industrial design, improve the modern industrial design system, create a friendly environment and lower the developmental costs of the industry in a multi-pronged manner.

Key words: industrial design, manufacturing industry, innovation