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The Construction of Canadian National Park System: Enlightenments to China
-- Based on a Comparative Study on “The Master Plan for the Establishment of the National Park System”(No. 177, 2017)


By Su Yang, Management World Magazine, & Wang Lei, World Natural Foundation

Research Report No. 177, 2017 (Total 5252) 2017-12-14

Abstract: Canada is the first country in the world to establish a national park management agency. Without taking measures to build the forbidden areas for the protection of national parks, the government has encouraged the communities and towns in the parks to make joint effort in the protection of the parks. As a result, the living environment and natural habitat are all well protected and preserved. The Master Plan for the Establishment of the National Park System points out that national parks should be protected with enforced measures. It should be made clear that the most stringent protection regulations should be in accordance with scientific protection measures. In this regard, China could draw on the following experience from Canada in connection with its institutional innovations of national park system. First, the management concepts, management methods and management systems in Canada have witnessed a swift improvement bolstered by hi-tech progress. Second, protection is not for protection’s sake, but is based on the refinement of protection needs with appropriate government regulations. Third, the majority part of money spent is from the government and various social funds are also pooled, which have not only improved the working efficiency, but also avoided the performance of nonfeasance in terms of dependency on government finance.

Key words: the national park system, the most stringent protection measures, Canada