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China-Myanmar Investment Cooperation in Advancing the Belt and Road Initiative: Experience, Challenges and Policy Options(No. 152, 2017)


By Jiang Xiheng, Zhou Taidong, Hua Ruoyun & Liu Qianqian, Research Team on “‘Promoting the Global Sustainable Development along with the Advancement of the Belt and Road Initiative”, Chinese International Development Knowledge Center

Research Report No. 152, 2017 (Total. 5227) 2017-11-16

Abstract: Myanmar is an important country for the advancement of the One Belt and One Road Initiative along the routes. Guided by the investment principle of internationalized operation and localized development strategy, the Chinese enterprises have, in Myanmar, highlighted the for-profit high standards for the construction and management of relevant projects, paid attention to the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility and the handling of public relations, and gained valuable experience for future development. After assuming office, the National League for Democracy of Myanmar showed a positive attitude toward the Belt and Road Initiative and China-Myanmar investment cooperation. But there are some issues curbing investment cooperation between the two countries. For instance, the government of Myanmar is insufficient in ruling the country, its economic foundation is weak, the social backgrounds of citizens are complicated, media communication lacks coordination, the competition between investors from various countries is intensive and many people in Myanmar do not have a general picture about China. Efforts need to be made to study and summarize the investment experience of Chinese enterprises in Myanmar, improve the internationalized operation and localized development of enterprises, optimize the investment entities and investment areas for future cooperation, and flesh out the investment modes. Besides, through sharing the experience of park construction and management in China, we need to make endeavor to help improve the business environment in Myanmar, support China's think tanks, non-governmental organizations and the media to expand their overseas presence and promote the further development of the Belt and Road construction.

Key words: the Belt and Road construction, investment, Myanmar