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Experience of French National Parks’ System Reform and Enlightenments to China’s Relevant Reform(No.140, 2017)


By Su Hongqiao, Su Yang & Wang Yufei, Management World magazine, DRC

Research Report, No.140, 2017 (Total 5215) 2017-10-26

Abstract: The construction of China’s national parks’ system is facing some administrative difficulties in terms of connections with various departments, the integration with different administrative regions and the formation of a joint protection mechanism through green development. The French national parks used to draw lessons from the American management system, but received negligible effects. After ten years’ reform, the French national parks have formed an effective multi-center governance model and China could draw on French experience from the following three aspects. One, only through forming a community of common interest can we form a community of ecology, and there will be no real national parks without green development. Two, only by cultivating a governance structure combining the higher and lower levels of government departments can the demands of various parties be met and a joint protection mechanism be formed. Three, lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, which are dependent on technological roadmaps and an appropriate system. The construction of China’s national parks’ system could, with targeted measures, solve the above-mentioned administrative difficulties if we can pick up the French multi-governance model, the spatial alliance and the value-added system of national parks’ product brand in the course of green development.

Key words: national parks’ system, French reform experience, a multi-center governance model