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Boost Cross-border E-commerce Development to Cultivate New Momentum for Foreign Trade Growth
– The Enlightenments Drawn from the Practice and Achievements of Heilongjiang Province


By Lai Youwei, DRC


In recent years, the growth of traditional trade in Heilongjiang province lacks adequate driving forces. In this context, Heilongjiang province, while fully exploiting the potential of traditional foreign trade, has vigorously developed business-oriented cross-border e-commerce to cultivate new growth momentum of foreign trade, in accordance with government guidelines and market rules and through optimized services and innovative development. By this way Heilongjiang province has achieved good results, and its experience makes good reference for other provinces in China.

I. The measures and achievements of the cross-border e-commerce development in Heilongjiang province. First, it has cultivated cross-border e-commerce platforms. Second, it has developed cross-border e-commerce service industries. Third, it has promoted the construction of cross-border e-commerce channels. Fourth, it has rendered support to enterprises to set up overseas warehouses and border warehouses. Fifth, it has developed cross-border e-commerce import of Russian goods.

II. Enlightenments and suggestions: First, we need to actively cultivate new growth momentum for the development of foreign trade. As cross-border e-commerce is a typical "Internet Plus" industry, enterprises of different countries could directly deal with global clients through the swift and efficient e-commerce platforms and international logistics. They display products and communicate with customers on the e-commerce platforms and promptly respond to customers’ needs upon their request. Consequently, cross-border e-commerce enjoys broad market space and good prospects for development. Second, we need to make great efforts to develop cross-border e-commerce service industry. In the process of developing cross-border e-commerce, and expanding and deepening the e-commerce applications, various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities should attach importance to and support the development of cross-border e-commerce service industry, by optimizing the service system and improving the level of facilitation. Third, various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities need to develop cross-border e-commerce in light of their own basic conditions, cultivate market competitiveness with targeted measures and strive to form their own characteristics and advantages.