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An Analysis of Enterprise Questionnaire Survey on Export Growth in 2017(No.87, 2017)


By Zhao Fujun, Research Team on “Analysis of Foreign Economy and Trade Growth”, Research Department of Foreign Economic Relations, DRC

Research Report, No.87, 2017 (Total 5162) 2017-08-07

Abstract: Compared with the previous two survey results made respectively in spring and autumn of last year, this year’s questionnaires are collected from 632 enterprises and the survey results show that the export growth of these enterprises is turning up, with a slight increase of export prices and profits. It is expected the annual export volume will probably register a better momentum than last year. Around one fourth of the surveyed enterprises have slightly increased export orders and the number of enterprises holding mid-term orders is rising, but the non-metallic material and textile and apparel industries are facing a relatively severe export performance in the future. Reduced global market demand and rising costs in labor and raw materials still prove to be main constraints of this year’s export growth. Though only a small number of businesses’ export is made by means of cross-border e-commerce, the false advertising and counterfeit and shoddy products in foreign e-commerce trade should not be neglected. To face up to the severe export performance, enterprises need to develop new products for the short term, and for the long term, they need to increase R&D input, enhance production capacities and expand order channels to seek new customers. Besides, the enterprises hope that the government can provide more policies for stable export growth and improve trade facilitation.

Key words: foreign trade performance, questionnaire survey, analysis