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The Formation and Development of International Consumer Centers and Implications for China --Policy Options for the Construction of International Consumer Centers in China in the New Era(No. 28, 2017)


By Liu Tao & Wang Wei, Research Team on “Policy Options for the Construction of an International Consumption Center in the New Era”, Institute of Market Economy, DRC

Research report No. 28, 2017 (Total 5103) 2017-3-2

Abstract: International consumer centers play a major part in international metropolises in the process of globalization. They are highly prosperous consumer markets with rich consumer items, famous consumer goods and comfortable consumer environment. Their flourishing and booming market performance has drawn consumers across the world and these markets have become centers for global consumer resource allocation, leading an innovation-based consumer development trend in the world. Being the promoters and beneficiaries in line with globalization-oriented consumer pattern, their formation is closely related to the economic development. The development of these centers are becoming increasingly diversified and classified which are inseparable from an open and inclusive environment and supporting institutions and policies. It’s time for China to develop international consumer centers. With reference to international experience, China needs to build business centers with global influence and reputation and create a sound and friendly environment between sellers and buyers, with efficient and convenient service facilities for consumers. The government needs to promote fair market competition, ensure the protection of consumers’ rights and interests and implement tax policies conducive to draw consumers. The government could select some mega-cities to build large-scale business centers for pilot market operations.

Key words: international consumer centers, forming conditions, development experience, implications