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The Formation and Disposal of Banks’ Non-performing Assets: Review and Preview(No.25, 2017)


By Wang Yang, Research Team on “Review and Preview of Financial Asset Management Companies”, Research Institute of Finance, DRC

Research Report No.25, 2017 (Total 5100) 2017-02-27

Abstract: By reviewing the formation and disposal of banks’ non-performing loans in China, it can be found that behind it are chiefly factors relating to systematic and policy tools, whereas in the market economy, it is mainly caused by the economic and financial cycles. China has made remarkable progress in disposing non-performing loans, but the costs are expensive. Currently, banks are facing a new round of increment of non-performing loans and it will take some time to gradually write off bad loans. Some of the book value of bad loans is undervalued; systematical returns are possible to be turned into systematical risks in the housing market; and the expected returns in disposing non-performing assets will decrease. It is suggested that the government resolve the current financial risks by means of market performance. Banks and other financial institutions need to shoulder risk liabilities, make precise calculations of bad loans and loan loss provisions and offset the bad assets impairment losses with surplus in the next few years in a planned manner. The non-performing asset financial market needs to be improved and opened up and the asset management companies need to play the role of cross cyclical acquisition and disposal of non-performing assets. The government also needs to improve the exit mechanism for financial institutions in sync with the implementation of properly loosened financial regulations.

Key words: financial risks, formation of non-performing assets, disposal of non-performing assets