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Reform Results and Experience Gained by China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone over the Past Three Years(No.1, 2017)


By Zhao Jinping, Zhang Qi, Xu Hongqiang & Zhao Fujun, Research Team on “A Comprehensive Evaluation of Reform Results Gained by Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone over the Past Three Years”, Research Department of Foreign Economic Relations, DRC

Research report No.1, 2017 (Total 5076) 2017-1-6

Abstract: Since the official opening of Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) three years ago, it has been closely following the national strategy to keep institutional innovation at the core, boldly taking the lead in exploring and establishing a system conforming to internationalization, marketization and legalization. It has achieved a couple of results as reference for other FTZs in China and has basically realized the expected goals. For future reform, Shanghai FTZ needs to address some problems restricting its progress. It needs to ease its market access in line with international rules and development trend, further enhance a well-developed and integrated institution in an innovative and effective manner, make pilot practice to establish a mechanism for promoting inter-connectivity among FTZs in China, facilitate the perfection of legal security, and accumulate experience and explore new approaches for China’s further reform across the board.

Key words: pilot free trade zone, reform, results, experience