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Supporting the Development Pattern of “Internet Platform Plus Small and Micro Businesses” and Facilitating “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation”(No.192, 2016)


By Wang Jicheng, Research Team on “Invigorating Vitality of Innovation Entities”, Enterprise Research Institute, DRC

Research report No.192, 2016 (Total 5075) 2016-12-17

Abstract: The pattern of “Internet platform Plus small and micro businesses (SMBs)” is conducive to addressing the problem relating to the limited scale of SMBs and providing more effective support to SMBs compared with government’s public services. It can make up for the innate weakness of SMBs and bring into play their characteristics of flexibility and individuality, forming the industrial cluster on the Internet. However, this pattern is facing some problems like whether individual service provider needs to make business registration, unclear relationship of rights and responsibilities between market entities, and how to effectively implement supervision responsibilities. It is suggested that the market threshold for natural person to register in platform economy should be eased and efforts should be made to support companies on Internet platform and natural person’s SMBs to independently choose labor contract relationship and labor relations. In addition, we need to establish and implement the Internet business governance pattern with the participation of government, platform, SMEs and consumers in order to ensure both the equal rights of market participants and the effectiveness of supervision and facilitate the sustainable and sound development of sharing economy based on the pattern of “Internet platform Plus small and micro businesses (SMBs)”.

Key words: Internet Plus platform, small and micro businesses (SMBs)