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Constructing an Innovation System on National Defense Science and Technology through Institutional Mechanism and Civil-Military Integration(No.139, 2016)


By Lv Wei, Research Team on “Policy Options and Institutional Mechanisms for Innovation on Civil-Military Integration”, Department of Techno-Economic Research, DRC

Research Report No.139, 2016 (Total 5022)2016-10-24

Abstract: At the 4th Session of the 12th National People’s Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping received the delegation of the People’s Liberation Army. He pointed out at the meeting that innovation capability is the core competitiveness for the army, military innovation should be incorporated into the national innovation system, and efforts should be made to carry forward the civil-military integrated innovation, and explore ways to establish institutional mechanisms conducive to national defense sci-tech innovation. The national defense sci-tech system is a key component part of the national innovation system. This paper analyzes the characteristics and rules of the national sci-tech innovation system as well as the main factors affecting the civil-military integrated innovation respectively from the perspectives of innovation chain, industrial chain, corporate organization and market environment. It also introduces how the US federal government, based on various features relating to innovation chain, promotes civil-military integrated innovation through measures such as making sci-tech plans for civil-military integration, giving support to military enterprises R&D, and formulating a national defense purchasing system. In view of the characteristics of all links throughout the innovation chain, industrial chain and industrial organization, this paper suggests that China should advance civil-military synergized innovation and integrated development through hierarchical and classified management, and improve supportive mechanisms for civil-military integrated sci-tech innovation system.

Key words: civil-military integration, national defense science and technology, innovation system, rules