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Characteristics and Problems of Enterprise Innovations in China: Survey Findings Based on Corporate Innovations(No. 99, 2016)


By Xiong Hongru, Department of Techno-Economic Research, DRC

'Research Report No. 99 (Total 4982) 2016-8-3

Abstract: This report analyzes the statistical results based on the national enterprise innovation survey findings made by the National Bureau of Statistics in 2015, and summarizes the current progress and main problems of enterprise innovations. China’s enterprise innovation has entered a rapid development stage featured by a larger scale, rich forms and strong potential, showing a sound performance with the joint development of multiple industries through various types. It is gratifying to note that such a development momentum has caught the eye of many entrepreneurs. However, it should be pointed out that the number of enterprises making innovation is still limited. The innovation effect is difficult to highlight the weak innovative power of enterprises, and the innovative performance gap both in the enterprises and beyond is quite large. Overall, the innovative vitality is still inadequate. The innovative ability of many enterprises is experiencing a crucial stage during which challenges need to be overcome and problems need to be resolved such as improper protection for IPR (intellectual property rights), the lack of talents, high cost, and insufficient openness to and cooperation with the outside world. Therefore, the government needs to play an appropriate and efficient role. It should not only get rid of the distorted resource allocation in the innovation governance system, but also help the enterprises make up for the deficiencies in the construction of ecological environment, enhance the innovation-driven mass entrepreneurship, and promote the innovative motivation and capability of the enterprises.

Key words: innovation survey, enterprise innovation, innovative vitality, innovative ability