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A Proper Coordination of Production, Life and Ecology in Strandparks: New Features of Urbanization with Green Mountains and Clear Waters(No.93, 2016)


By Wang Yufei & Su Yang, Management World Magazine of DRC, and He Fang, Beijing Forestry University

Research Report No.93, 2016 (Total 4976) 2016-07-15

Abstract: In the building of new-type urbanization, it is necessary to construct categorized conserved area system according to different local conditions. Only in this way can we allow the indigenous and rare resources in the conserved areas to offer green mountains and clear waters while improving the ecological conditions, demonstrating urban features and cultural characteristics, and achieving a proper coordination between production, life and ecology. The construction of the strandpark system is a critical means for the Pearl River Delta to achieve the production-life-ecology-based coordination, but the current restraints arising from land, funds and law regulations require institutional reform based on the Spatial Planning for the Entire Pearl River Delta. The government should break away from the restraints and start with the overall systemization of strandparks, shored up by relevant regulations and coordinated efforts made by different departments. It should make innovations relating to land rights, the regulation of spatial use, the evaluation of leading officials’ working performance as well as the auditing on outgoing leading officials’ accounts for the protection of natural resource assets. It is expected that these measures will bring about a sound institutional environment with better effects.

Key words: new-type urbanization, coordination of production, life and ecology for conserved areas, strandparks, Pearl River Delta