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Research on Construction of Cooperation Mechanism between China and Countries along the One Belt and One Road Routes(No.65, 2016)


By Zhang Qi, Member of the Research Team on “Policy Research on Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Countries along the “One Belt and One Road” Routes, Research Department of Foreign Economic Relations, DRC

Research report No.65, 2016 (Total 4948) 2016-5-23

Abstract: The One Belt and One Road Initiative launched by China has received high concern from the international community and it has gradually become a common consensus among countries along the region and they have accordingly put in a lot of work to realize the initiative. The One Belt and One Road Initiative is a public product China has offered the world. Its core objective is, through trade and investment cooperation with countries along the One Belt and One Road routes, to create and share development opportunities and facilitate economic prosperity of the region and the whole world. The accelerated construction of cooperation mechanism along the One Belt and One Road region has drawn major concern from countries along the routes and it is not only an important guarantee for realizing China’s Initiative, but also a significant approach for solving practical issues in the course of pushing on with the Initiative. Taking the inevitable issues into consideration, we have put forward the following policy options. We should enhance the connection between development plan and present cooperation mechanism with other countries, improve mechanism innovation in key areas, establish a service mechanism to support cooperation, and gradually form the institutional arrangements of regional trade and investment.

Key words: the One Belt and One Road Initiative, regional cooperation, mechanism construction