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Planning China’s Energy Security Strategy Based on the Concept of Green and Open Development(No.60, 2016)


By Guo Jiaofeng, Hong Tao, Wu Xu & Cai Shenghua, Research Team on “China’s Opening-up Strategy with Increased National Economic Strength”, DRC

Research Report No.60, 2016 (Total 4943) 2016-05-16

Abstract: In recent years, the demand for petroleum has been weak while supply remains quite sufficient, with oil price kept low in the international market. Natural gas and renewable energy resources have developed rapidly and major global energy has changed from coal and petroleum to clean and low-carbon energy. The structures of both supply and consumption have witnessed a significant change. New technologies, such as the utilization of new energy and energy Internet, have made positive headway, and it has already become a global consensus to develop green energy. In light of the big picture of global climate governance along with the international energy development, energy security has got more profound implications. The new development concept, established at the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, has made new requirements for the guarantee of China’s energy security. In the new era, China should make energy security strategy on the basis of green and open development concept, and foster a new energy security concept focusing on adequate supply, stable price, harmonious ecological environment and comprehensive network. China should put great effort into creating a modern energy security system and enhancing the national strength of energy supply. In addition, it should enforce the regulation on demand, the capacity for risk aversion and the power of influence over international market, so as to ensure the fulfillment of the strategic goal and the main tasks relating to energy security.

Key words: green and open development, energy security concept, strategy