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The Sharing Mechanism of US Platform for Scientific Research Instruments and Implications(Special Issue No 61, 2015)


By Tian Jietang,Research Team on “International Experience of Scientific and Technological Platform Sharing for Major Nuclear Power Programs and the Empirical Analysis”, the Research Department of Techno-Economy,DRC

Research Report Special Issue No 61, 2015 (Total NO 1464) 2015-12-30

Abstract: The US government requests to establish a sharing mechanism for large-scale scientific facility platform with total or partial funding offered by the federal government and the platform is operated by governmental scientific research institutes, colleges and universities or other non-profit organizations. These platforms can be divided into such two categories as contract purchasing and cooperative funding. Both categories differ in the governmental funding approach, investing objectives, funding quota, and ownership of the platforms, and the relevant laws and regulations applied, institutional guarantees and operating mechanisms are also quite different. But generally both operate in accordance with related laws and standards. The sharing mechanism of the US scientific research platform is worth learning and we could draw on the following experience: first, scientific research platform sharing requires the establishment of corresponding laws and regulations, basic concepts and principles; second, the prerequisite for scientific research platform sharing is to have clarified property rights, which cannot be generally categorized as “state-owned”; last, we should formulate tailored sharing mechanisms that are characteristic of various scientific research platforms.

Key words: platform for scientific research instruments, sharing mechanisms, the United States