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Strengthen China's Recycling and Reusing of Solid Waste (No 176, 2015)


By Yang Chao, Research Team on "Mechanism, System and Policy Options for Green Development", Research Institute of Industrial Economy of DRC

Research Report No 176, 2015 (Total 4861)


The recycling and reusing of solid waste can effectively save resources and energies, thus reducing pollution. Some developed countries have made clear the responsibilities of stakeholders including producers, importers, sellers, and consumers in recycling and reusing solid waste, charged fees for waste recycling, set up recycling logistics systems, provided supporting taxation privileges, and formed adequate recycling and reusing systems. Currently, China's laws and regulations with respect to the recycling and reusing of solid waste are not enforceable and with a narrow coverage; the general public have poor awareness of environmental protection; the construction of recycling logistics systems is relatively lagging behind requirement; and the implementation of recycling systems is not strict. These factors have led to a large quantity of solid waste and low rate of recycling. Relevant policy options are hence offered to facilitate the recycling and reusing of solid waste: draw on foreign advanced experience; set forth the responsibilities of various parties in the process of recycling and reusing via legislation; establish an assessment system as well as a reward and punishment mechanism; provide relevant taxation policies; strengthen recycling logistics systems; and enhance publicity and education to raise the general public's awareness of environmental protection.

Key words: solid waste, recycling and reusing, policy options