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Macro Economy

Macro Economic Performance in the First Quarter and Outlook for 2013Marco Economic Performance

By the Development Research Center of the State Council Economic Situation Analysis Research Group 2013-12-16

The international economic situation in 2013 has generally been better than last year. However, China's domestic economic structural problems and risks have increased. Two potential issues loom:a decline in medium- and long-term growth rates and a weak recovery in the short term.

Future macroeconomic policies should follow established policies and strike a balance among stable growth, inflation control and risks avoiding. Sustained reform will help boost potential growth, stabilize investment and expand consumption.

Regulation of industries needs to be innovated so as to help resolve overcapacity and facilitate economic restructuring. Tightening certain macroeconomic controls while relaxing others can gradually reduce fiscal and financial risks and improve the quality of economic growth, as well as increase the economy's sustainable growth.