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Dalian overview
In March 1999, the National Tourism Administration named Dalian "Capital of Romance".

Location advantages: a window of NE China
It is an important port, and also serves as a centre for trade and tourism.

Policy advantages
Enterprise income tax for all domestic and foreign enterprises will be set at 25%.

Infrastructure: hub of commodity transhipping in NE China
Established in 1899, Dalian port was the third largest international port for foreign trade in China.

Natural resources
Dalian is suitable for the growth of both animals and plants because of its pleasant climate and advantageous natural and ecological environments.

Business environment
At the tip of the Liaodong Peninsula in northeast China's Liaoning province, Dalian is increasingly important in global trade due to its strengths in shipping, manufacturing, finance and tourism.

Financial services
By the end of 2008, the combined assets of Dalian's financial industry reached 767.7 billion yuan.

Among all the coastal cities, Dalian places second in higher education and scientific research.