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Dalian to open largest dome theater in Northeast China
( Dalian News )

Construction work on the second phase of Golden Pebble Beach Culture Expo Square is underway, with three new venues costing more than 60 million yuan ($9.6 million) expected to be completed by the end of April and open to the public by May 1, according to a news report from the Golden Pebble Beach Tourism Group, on Jan 29.

There is a stone cultural exhibition park, formerly a geology museum, covering a 3,000-square-meter area with fancy Golden Pebble Beach culture and different types of rocks. It also has a multi-functional place for stone buying, exhibitions, research, and cultural exchanges. The Culture Expo Square contains the domed theater, covering 1,500 sq m, which can hold 308 people. It has the most advanced projection equipment and LED digital lamps, for different lighting effects. It is expected to be Northeast China's biggest domed theater.

Eidted by Zhao Qian and Roger Bradshaw