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Minister of justice: apply high-quality research achievements to promote rule of law


China’s vice-minister of justice pointed out that it’s necessary to insist on theoretical innovation and make use of qualified research project achievements to comprehensively promote the rule of law in an expert review meeting on Nov 1.

China to blacklist those who misuse social insurance


Chinese authorities plan to implement a blacklist system that punishes those who illegally use social security benefits, reported China News on Tuesday.

Courts target corruption at lower levels


Judges to intensify punishments in attempt to eradicate bad behavior.

95% of official misconduct cases involve bribery, corruption or embezzlement


Defendants in more than 95 percent of official misconduct cases heard by a Beijing court over the past two decades were charged with bribery, corruption or embezzlement/

People’s mediation training course held by Ministry of Justice


Minister of Justice Fu Zhenghua held a training course on people’s mediation and invited the secretary of a county in Hainan province to give a lecture at the conference on Oct 31.

Nationwide crack down on organized crime nets 57,000 suspects


The national crack down on organized crimes achieved positive results, according to the data of China's top procuratorate.

Hangzhou sets up research institute on internet-related disputes


A research institute on internet-related disputes and improving quality of such cases was established in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province, on Tuesday.

Top court to set up IP court by year end


The Supreme People's Court is coordinating with related departments, trying to set up an intellectual property court by the end of this year.