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Beijing High People's Court upholds fraud judgements


The Beijing High People's Court on Wednesday upheld an original judgment against 85 defendants convicted of fraud.

Legislator: Training to preserve rule of law


The country's top legislator called for better study and implementation of the newly adopted Constitution to make the fundamental law "alive" in society on March 27.

China police to punish delivery drivers for traffic violations


Chinese police will punish delivery drivers for serious traffic violations, as the sector's boom in recent year has lead to many accidents blamed on their risk-taking actions.

Insurance fraud uncovered at Hefei hospital


Senior medics and administrators at a hospital in Hefei, Anhui province, have been punished after an investigation found they had forged records to make fraudulent insurance claims.

Chinese former police officers jailed for shielding gang


A court in North China's Shanxi province Monday sentenced two former police officers to life imprisonment for protecting a gang of tomb raiders and gambling and drug dealing activities.

Xiaoming court-ordered to refund bike deposits


A bike-share company was ordered to refund bike users' deposits and publicly apologize to consumers within 10 days after a three-hour public hearing in Guangzhou, the Guangdong provincial capital, on Thursday.

107 suspects seized for telecom fraud


Police in Central China's Henan province have seized 107 suspects in connection to a telecom fraud case.

China to regulate service institutions for the disabled


China has issued a guideline to regulate service institutions for the disabled, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

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