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114 caught over telecom fraud

(Xinhua) Updated : 2018-07-13

Police in Central China's Henan province have caught 114 people in connection with a telecom fraud case.

Police in Luoyang city said on Friday that the case involved more than 4 million yuan ($597,000).

Luoyang city police received a report by a man surnamed Huang in May that he had been cheated out about 220,000 yuan by telecom fraud.

After a preliminary investigation, police confirmed that the case was related to a Xi'an-based telecom fraud gang, led by a man surnamed Dai.

Dai was arrested in East China's Anhui province on July 6. Another two key suspects were seized in Northwest China's Shaanxi province, and the remaining 111 were caught in Shanghai on the same day, according to the police.

One vehicle and 180 computers as well as a large number of mobile phones and bank cards were confiscated, police said.

The case is under further investigation.