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Universal two-child policy to promote a balanced population development


The policy that all couples may have two children will be implemented and the challenge of the aging population will be addressed in a proactive manner.

Family planning policy sees big overhaul


China further relaxed its more than three-decade-old family planning policy, according to a statement issued on Thursday by the Communist Party of China Central Committee.

China's global humanitarian role in Red Cross is growing


The Red Cross Society of China and its parent international federation are discussing how China can increase its contribution on the world stage.

Cui Li visits northern Europe


When Cui Li, a vice-minister at China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission, paid a visit to Switzerland and Denmark, Oct 18 – 25, at the invitation of the Swiss internal affairs Ministry and Danish Health Ministry, she met with Margaret Chan, director-general of the WHO, and Anarfi Asamoa-Baah, its deputy director-general in Switzerland.

China looks for health cooperation with Czech Republic


China and the Czech Republic have taken the lead among Central and Eastern Europe in health cooperation. The two countries are seeking more cooperative projects in health.

Wide support seen for nationwide smoking ban


Even some smokers in China support a nationwide smoke-free law, particularly in workplaces, according to a report released on Monday by the World Health Organization and other health agencies.

Tu calls discovery 'lifesaving' TCM gift


Tu Youyou, China's first Nobel laureate for medicine, described her discovery of the anti-malaria treatment artemisinin as Western medicine inspired by long-established knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine.

Tougher controls urged for e-cigarettes


Anti-tobacco campaigners and pressure groups are calling for tough regulations to cover the rising use of electronic cigarettes in public places in China. They said e-cigarettes pose a threat to public health and could derail the country's efforts to limit the use of tobacco and related products.

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