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Cigarette posters still prevalent as ad ban looms


Tobacco advertising is still visible in nearly half of all tobacco stores just two months before a new law takes effect that bans such advertising in public places.

Life expectancy rises to new high in capital


The life expectancy of Beijing's permanent residents hit a record high last year - nearly 82 years - while the number of people 60 or older in the city increased by more than 200,000, a new report says.

Vice-minister of health calls for emergency medical aid system to include more people


A top health official on Tuesday said health authorities at various levels in China should improve their emergency medical relief systems to cover all those in need.

Chronic disease on rise in China: health survey


The number of people suffering from chronic disease in China rose during the 2002-2012 period, according to a nationwide health survey released by the country's health authorities on Tuesday.

Survey: Chinese becoming taller, heavier


Chinese people are eating more, thanks to their deeper pockets, making them slightly taller but also a lot fatter, according to a National Health and Family Planning Commission report released on Tuesday.

China plays active role in combating infectious diseases


China takes seriously the prevention and control of emerging infectious diseases and has played an active role in global emergency response to such health threats, visiting Vice-Premier Liu Yandong said in Washington on June 24.

Rein in hospital drug budgets, commission says


Hospitals should limit their drug budgets to 30 percent of total business expenditures, according to a circular issued Friday by the National Health and Family Planning Commission.

S. Korea reports 3 more MERS infections, 2 deaths


South Korean reported three more cases of infection with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and two deaths on Monday, bringing the total contagion cases to 172 and the death toll to 27.

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