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90m more to be eligible for 2nd child


The number of women in China eligible to have a second child will jump by more than 90 million when the latest family planning policy is adopted.

Migrants struggle with life in cities, says report


China had 245 million migrants at the end of 2013, representing more than one-sixth of the national population.

Fewer couples want second child


About 700,000 Chinese couples, in which one of the partners is an only child, have so far applied to have a second child, far less than expected.

NHFPC holds seminar of family planning contraceptives


From July 31 to Aug 1, the NHFPC held a seminar in Nanning, capital of the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, for officials working in the family planning contraceptives service sector.

Vision for hukou reform


The publication of a State Council document on reform of China's household registration system, or hukou, on Wednesday marks the beginning of a phase, in which the long discussed vision of a fairer system will gradually materialize.

Xi urged hukou reform in 2001 PhD paper


A PhD dissertation written by President Xi Jinping 13 years ago, in which he urged reform of the hukou, or household registration system, was made public on Wednesday.

Reforming hukou will unify rights of migrants


Chinese migrant workers living in cities will gradually gain full access to schools and hospitals where they work, a significant move to improve social equality.

China to help 100m settle in cities


China plans to help an estimated 100 million people without urban ID records, or "hukou", to reside in towns and cities by 2020.

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