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Notice on Disease Emergency Fund Application and Payment Work


Updated: 2014-10-15

NHFPC (2014) No 65

Health and family planning commissions in provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and the health bureau at Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:

To carry out the Notice on Disease Emergency Fund Application and Payment Work and take care of disease emergency fund application, audit and payment, the NHFPC now issues the following requirements:

I.Fully understand the significance of disease emergency aid work

China established a disease emergency rescue system in 2013 and aimed to solve medical emergency problems for patients who are not identified or can’t afford relevant expenses. The establishment of the system is not only an important part of improving the medical security system but also an objective requirement to solve practical difficulties for the public and medical institutions. It will not only safeguard the health of the public but also promote the healthy development of health and family planning work. All regions should raise awareness, strengthen interdepartmental cooperation, make bold innovations, push ahead with the establishment and implementation of the disease emergency rescue system, accelerate the effective use of the rescue fund, and carry out a policy deployed by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to get things done.

II Determine timeline and regularly carry out relief fund application and payment

Medical expenses after the State Council’s Guiding Opinions on Establishing Disease Emergency Aid Mechanism were issued in 2013 and before June 30, 2014 and covered by the emergency relief fund should start applications from Oct 15-Nov 5. Those during July-November 2014 should start application during Dec 1-20. If a medical institution fails to submit an application in time, it won’t have the costs reimbursed. Institutes in charge of fund payment and application should check requests from medical institutes in time and report them to finance departments at the same level for final verification and payment.

Disease emergency fund audits have been carried out twice a year since 2015. Medical expense payment from the previous December to next May will be finished before June 30, and payments from June to Nov will be finished by the end of December. The health and family planning administrations at the provincial level should fill out the Disease Emergency Fund Payment Statistical Form in a timely manner and submit it to the NHFPC’s Department of Drug Policy and Essential Medicine.

III Strengthen disease emergency aid supervision and administration

The health and family planning administrative departments at all levels shall strengthen the supervision and management of disease emergency relief work within their jurisdictions; strictly follow the Temporary Method of Disease Emergency Fund Management as well as the finance management system; and guide management and medical institutions in carrying out fund application, audit, payment and verification. All medical institutions should follow the Standards of Acute and Serious Diseases That Need First Aid Service and treat patients that need emergency aid but can’t be identified or afford medical costs. They can regularly apply for funds from management institutes.

Provincial health and family planning administrative departments should carry out supervision and inspection and seriously deal out punishment to personnel at medical institutes that refuse, evade or delay treatment to patients or fraudulently extract from relief funds. They should discover and correct problems and sum up work experiences in a timely manner. The NHFPC will launch comprehensive supervision and inspection in October.

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