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Vice-premier Liu Yandong urges deepening healthcare reform


Updated: 2014-07-28

A hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system should be further constructed, featuring primary diagnosis at the grassroots level, a two-way referral system, and separated treatment for acute and chronic diseases. Medical institutions at all levels should play their functions in a coordinated way. Private hospitals should be supported and the health service sector should be developed quickly to meet the demands of the public, Liu said.

Liu also made a survey of the science and technology service industry. She took field tours of the service platform for science and technology innovation, the agriculture science academy and the agricultural science demonstration park. She pointed out that science and technology service plays an important role in the integration of technology and economy, industry upgrade and transformation, and job growth. It is significant to renovating the Northeast China old industry base, Liu said.

Market orientation should be focused, with resources integrated and mechanisms innovated. Research, design, start-ups, intellectual property rights, and finance of science and technology should be developed to promote the commercialization and industrialization of research outputs. Thus, a new engine of economic growth can be fostered with advantages for future development.

Liu said that more attention should be paid to agriculture innovation. The research of advanced agricultural technology should be strengthened. The comprehensive service system for agriculture should be improved, and high-level technology professionals for the sector should be trained. The country should construct a high-yield and high-quality modern agriculture industry to increase output and revenues of farmers and make contributions to the country’s grain security.

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