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Germany hopes to be the leader of 5G network by launching 5G strategy
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2017-10-26

The German Federal Ministry of Transportation and Digital Infrastructure recently issued the German 5G Strategy. This strategy is based on the Germany 5G Network Initiative launched by German government in 2016.

The strategy has developed a new development framework for the country’s 5G network, with the aim of accelerating the expansion of the network and the development of 5G Internet applications.

The strategy outlines five areas for Germany to focus on as it promotes the adoption of 5G.

First, strengthen the 5G network output. Increase investment in infrastructure and build better policy conditions to prepare for infrastructure and licensing procedures needed for using 5G networks.

Second, equip and improve the frequency required by a 5G network. Provide enough network spectrums to stimulate innovation, investment and competition for 5G network services.

Third, strengthen the cooperation between the telecommunications and 5G network applications industries.

Fourth, carry out more coordinated and more targeted research. Strongly support scientific research—not only related to basic research, but also related to 5G technology applications.

Fifth, realize full coverage of 5G networks nationwide, as this will help provide a range of solutions for the construction of an energy economy and sustainable environmental transport systems in the future.