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Zhongguancun pioneers improving national cyber information security
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2016-09-06

The Zhongguancun Trusted Computing Industry Alliance and the Economic Information Daily of Xinhua News Agency signed a strategic cooperation agreement on August 28, aiming to promote healthy development of China's IT industry.

The two sides agreed on supporting the construction and informationization of China's cyber security through various methods such as providing chips, complete machines, operating systems and internet applications under the "Internet plus" and the "independently innovative core technology" policies.

Shen Changxiang, director of the Science and Technology Steering Committee of the alliance, said cyber space has become the fifth sovereignty territory and is challenging China's cyber security.

He added that innovatively developing a trusted computing industry will be key to constructing China into a powerful cyber nation with advancing technology and leading equipment.

The alliance, established in 2014, was initiated by 60 institutes and companies including China Electronics, the China Electronics Standardization Institute, Beijing University of Technology and the China Electronic Power Research Institute.

It has attracted more than 180 members and covers most industry-university-research institutions studying cyber security.

Cheng Chunping, president of the alliance, said it intends to create a trusted computing industrial chain with high-efficiency and good cyclic development to improve the autonomy, controllability and credibility of IT products in China.

The alliance will continue to promote combined utility of core technologies and to build an active immune cyber security defense system.

In addition, reports and a white book on the development of trusted computing will be published to hasten the industry’s development through innovative research on core technologies.