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Headquarters contribute 40% of Zhongguancun's total revenue
( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2014-08-28

In 2013, 1,878 headquarters based in Zhongguancun achieved revenues of 1.3 trillion yuan ($211.5 billion), accounting for more than 40 percent of Zhongguancun's total revenue, Beijing Daily reported on Monday.

Despite the fact that the headquarter offices in Zhongguancun realized a relatively high yield, they consumed only 10 percent of the water and 30 percent of the total energy used by all enterprises, achieving high profits and paying higher taxes per capita, while maintaining low resource consumption.

Last year, the energy consumption of the headquarter enterprises in Zhongguancun was 1.68 tons of coal per capita. Their profit was 125,000 yuan per capita and tax payments reached 92,000 yuan, which are higher than the average level of the region.

Scientific and technological enterprises in Zhongguancun have strengthened their influence across the country, and even throughout the world. Take Lenovo for instance. In 2013, Lenovo achieved a global revenue of 209.78 billion yuan, 76.1 percent of which was contributed by other regions outside Zhongguancun.

Last year, 72 merger and acquisition cases were carried out outside Beijing in China, with the coverage reaching 22 provinces and cities. Enterprises headquartered in Beijing also actively "went out" to acquire excellent overseas resources. A total of 14 overseas merger and acquisition cases were handled in 2013, with the amount totaling 2.54 billion yuan.