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Approval process for foreign-invested companies
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Updated: 2014-01-17

Approval process for foreign-invested companies

Materials needed

1.Application for setting up foreign-backed company;

2.Contract, rules, and application report, with signature of all investing parties.

3.Letter of delegation and identification of board of directors or executive directors and supervisors of the company, as agreed on by all investors.

4.Certificates and credit certificates of foreign investors that have been notarized in accordance with the law (necessary if foreign investors are individuals, not necessary in the case of Hong Kong or Macao or Taiwan), and valid documents of members, with the Chinese party providing a copy of business license and identification of the members.

5.Notice of preliminary approval of the company (with copies).

6.Lease agreement for the plant or premises.

7.Business license of the lessor and property certificate or bid confirmation.

8.Certificate of State-owned assets valuation (if State-owned assets are involved).

9.Authorization of legal document.

10.Environmental protection department comments (except for service industry).

11.Address confirmation (issued by township-level authority).

12.Declaration of access to inspection for the new company (leased plants) in the Jiading district (except for service industry).

13.Other supporting documents needed by authorities for approval.



1.The above documents are formal except for those that can be copied. Documents without the signature of member parties need to be accompanied by a letter of power of attorney by the members.

2.In the case of application materials with a separate signing page (including, but not limited to shareholder resolution, board of directors resolution, contract, or constitution), there must be a company seal or signature of investors in the corner of the document.