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Establishing foreign-invested retail and wholesale companies
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Updated: 2014-01-17

Establishing foreign-invested retail and wholesale companies

Materials needed

The following documents are to be submitted during the application process:

1. Request to set up a company.

2. Contract, rules, and application report with legal representative of each investor, with a signature (except for sole proprietor companies).

3. Certificate and credit certificate of foreign investors that have been notarized and certified (identification is needed for individual foreign investors; no authentication is needed in Hong Kong or Macao special administrative regions and Taiwan) and identification documents of members (with copies), with the Chinese party providing a license (with copies) and identification of members (copies).

4. Assessment of State-owned assets that Chinese investors plan to invest in the Sino-foreign joint venture and cooperating companies.

5. Import and export catalogue of proposed foreign-backed company.

6. Letter of delegation and identification of board of directors or executive directors and supervisors of foreign-backed company, assigned by each investor.

7. Notice on preliminary approval of company name, issued by industrial and commercial administration (with copy).

8.Lease agreement of proposed store and business license of renter and property certificate (with copies).

9. Rent agreement of registered location and business license of renter and property certificate (with copies).

10. Company information for the record.

11. Address confirmation (issued by township-level authority).

12. Other documents required by approval authority.


The following documents shall be submitted when the set-up foreign-invested business company applies for establishing stores.

1. Company's request of setting up a store

2. As for the contracts and constitutions that have been amended, modified versions shall be submitted

3. Application report for setting up stores

4. Decision of the shareholder meeting or board of directors about setting up store, and name list of the members in the shareholder meeting or board of directors

5. The company's audit report of the latest year (copy)

6. Company's capital verification (copy)

7. Registration certificate (copy) and members, rights certificate (copy) of each investor party

8. Land usage certificate (copy) of proposed store and lease agreement and business license of renter and property certificate (with copies)


1、 The above documents need be formal except for those that use copies. Any document not bearing members' signature need be accompanied by a power of attorney letter from the members.

2、 For any application materials with a separate signature page (including, but not limited to, shareholder resolution, board of directors resolution, contracts, or constitution), there needs to be a company seal or investor signature in the corner of the document.

The above examination and approval items do not include

1. Foreign business projects with more than $100 million in investment and those requiring Shanghai municipal business bureau approval.

2. Projects with a retail area of more than 1,000 sq m and that without sales in store.

3. Projects that require Ministry of Commerce approval.