Siberian tiger family captured on camera

Update: 2021-04-21
By: Han Junhong in Changchun and Zhou Huiyin(

A wild Siberian tiger family — a female and three cubs — has been recorded by infrared cameras in Jilin province's Hunchun administrative region of the China Tiger and Leopard National Park, which stretches across the provinces of Jilin and Heilongjiang.

"The cubs are about 1 year old and seem quite healthy," said Feng Limin, deputy director of the center for the monitoring and research on tigers and leopards under the Natural Forestry and Grassland Administration. "We feel happy to see that the cubs survived the extremely cold winter."

An integrated monitoring system has been installed in the park to record the living conditions of wild tigers and leopards. Data show an increase in Siberian tigers and leopards in Hunchun in recent years.

Siberian tigers, otherwise known as Amur or Manchurian tigers, mainly live in eastern Russia, Northeast China and the northern part of the Korean Peninsula.