Northeast Asian countries deepen ties as 12th CNEA Expo begins

Updated: 2019-08-23

The opening ceremony for the 12th China-Northeast Asia Expo (CNEA Expo) and the 10th High-level Forum on Northeast Asia Cooperation was held at the Changchun International Conference Center in Northeast China’s Jilin province on Aug 23.

Attendees included Vice-Premier Hu Chunhua, Bayin Chaolu, Party chief of Jilin province, Kwon Goo Hoon, chairman of the North Economic Cooperation Commission of the Republic of Korea, Wang Shouwen, vice minister of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, and Seki Yoshihiro, vice minister of the Ministry of Economic Industry of Japan, all of whom delivered speeches at the forum.

Vice-Premier Hu Chunhua read aloud President Xi Jinping’s congratulatory letter to the 12th CNEA Expo, which stated that Northeast Asia is one of the most dynamic development areas in the world, and he hoped that the expo would serve as a platform for broadening cooperation among governments, organizations, and companies in Northeast Asia.

Bayin Chaolu said at the forum that Northeast Asia boasts unique geographical advantages, with neighboring countries having close economic ties and a broad space for cooperation.

Jilin province, a traditional industrial center in China, is opening up more and will continue to improve its environment to attract more capital, technology, information, and professionals from all around the world, according to the Party chief.

The China-Northeast Asia Expo was launched in 2005 and has been held 11 times since. Its goal is to revitalize industry in Northeast China and promote cooperation among Northeast Asian countries.

This year, the expo is themed around enhancing mutual trust and cooperation to create better prospects for Northeast Asia. It features six separate exhibition areas for Jilin province, Northeast Asian countries, imported commodities, cooperation in and the revitalization of Northeast China, the healthcare and pension industries, and the 5G era.

In addition to exhibitions, a series of forums will be held during the expo, such as the Summit for China-Japan-ROK Entrepreneurs, the 1st Northeast Asia E-commerce Summit, and the 4th World Jilin Entrepreneurs Convention.

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