Review of proposals and suggestions of Jilin NPC and CPPCC members at 2016 National Two Sessions

Updated: 2017-03-05

Ten proposals and 172 suggestions were submitted during the Fourth Session of the 12th National People's Congress held in 2016 by NPC representatives and CPPCC members from Jilin province, all of which had been answered or given solutions.

According to a principal of the 2016 Jilin delegate proposing group, "the proposals and suggestions were tied to important social issues and were all concerns shared by most of society."

Those proposals covered various aspects of people's livelihood and the development of the economy, such as the revitalization of the northeastern rust belt, development of economic transformation, supply-side structural reform, protection of black earth, environmental protection, education, medical treatment and judiciary, which offered directions for stable economic growth, transformation and upgrading promotion, and improving people's livelihood.

Meanwhile, proposals and suggestions truly reflected people's concerns and solutions to the problems endowed with high operability. These proposals included improving protection of leftover children in villages, completing reform of individual income tax and limiting the smoke pollution in middle and small cities in Northeast China.

The Jilin NPC representatives and CPPCC members will carry burning issues, new proposals, and suggestions to help improve the standard of living and build a better Jilin during this year's National People's Congress.