An artist's body of work that quite literally brings the walls to life

Updated: 2008-05-07 14:30

Women might be taught to dress to suit their surroundings but Emma Hack likes to paint her female models to blend right in - to the wallpaper, that is.

The artist meticulously spends up to 19 hours copying the design from the wall-covering onto the naked women.

Her models then stand against the surface to create a striking 3D 'human wallpaper' effect.

Real wallflower: body artist Emma Hack spends up to 19 hours painting her models to blend in with the patterns on the wallpaper

The incredible images were created by self-taught body artist Emma, 35, who lives in Adelaide, Australia.

She scrupulously paints the patterns onto her models by hand until they seamlessly blend into their background.

"It can be exhausting for myself and my models," she says.

"But it is my job and my love."

"Even if I am a bit tired, painting relaxes me and I really enjoy the process."

Emma is a veteran body artist who's been in the trade for over 20 years, making a living from painting bodies for adverts, events and exhibitions.

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