Employees in recession are eyeing your top secrets

Almost half the financial sector workers in London and New York say they would take sensitive company information with them if they were fired, according to a new transatlantic survey.

Service drags down standards

In many ways, Beijing has become an international city with excellent restaurants, luxury hotels and premium department stores.

Miss Earth 2009

Miss Brazil Larissa Ramos, 20, a biology student,wins the Miss Earth 2009 at the Boracay beach resort in Aklan province, central Philippines November 23, 2009.

Shop green? Global survey lists top eco-friendly retailers

Eco-friendly managers and staff are the key to making a retailer go green, according to a study listing 15 of the world's top eco-friendly retailers.

Hat designer to the nouveau riche

Wearing the craziest hat in the crowd - a hot pink feather creation - it was impossible not to notice Elisabeth Koch.

UK milliner inspired by China

An unusual fashion show was held at The Ritz-Carlton recently.

Style survives financial crisis

People may have been forced to forego the more luxurious things in life during the global economic slowdown, but style is one thing that will never go out of fashion in China.

Obama served up world-class luxuries during first visit

Barack Obama, the first African-American president in US history, was treated to a diverse blend of culture in his first trip to China after taking office in 2009.

Actress Audrey Hepburn's wardrobe up for auction

Audrey Hepburn once declared her look was "attainable" and an upcoming auction of some of the fashionable film star's wardrobe will make that possible.

Top SKorean model found dead at Paris apartment

A top South Korean model who was a fixture at fashion week in Paris and London was found dead at her apartment in Paris, an official said Friday.

YSL auction raises almost three times estimate

A second auction of art and furniture once owned by fashion guru Yves Saint Laurent has raised 8.9 million euros ($13.22 million), up to three times the estimated amount, auctioneers Christie's said on Friday.

"Project Runway" season finale airs after legal dispute

Irina Shabayeva won the sixth season of the fashion reality show "Project Runway" on Thursday in the conclusion of the hit cable series which was delayed for months by legal wrangling.

Average UK woman wears 515 chemicals a day

The average British woman "hosts" 515 chemicals on her body every day, according to a new study.

2009 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

A model presents a creation during the 2009 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in New York November 19, 2009.

Model Kate Moss criticized for "skinny" remark

Eating disorder campaigners criticized British model Kate Moss on Thursday for saying she backed the motto "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," a slogan popular with pro-anorexia websites.

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