Holiday Picks: Top 10 stupid gifts for the holidays

Updated: 2009-12-02 09:04

LOS ANGELES - In a recession year when most people are cutting back on holiday spending, how about treating your loved one to some reindeer food safe for humans or a belching beer pager in case they keep losing their beer?

Online retailer Stupid.com has released its third annual list of the stupidest gifts, gadgets, presents and stocking stuffers that can be found around the globe for that relative or friend who already has everything -- including a sense of humor.

"Nothing relieves the tension of a tough year better than a good laugh," said Stupid.com President Jim Kalmenson, adding that 5,000 gag gifts were reviewed to come up with the final 10.

The previous lists have included Hillary Clinton nutcrackers, a Mother Teresa breath spray, an underwear repair kit and mini-golf to play while on the toilet.

Here is the list of the top 10 stupidest gifts of 2009 from Los Angeles-based Stupid.com (www.stupid.com/fun/).

1. Swine Flu Recovery Kit

Whether you've got a sick friend or you're suffering, the Swine Flu Survival Kit has everything you'll need to survive this nasty H1N1 including some pig-shaped soap, bacon band-aids, bacon dental floss, and a sick bag.

Holiday Picks: Top 10 stupid gifts for the holidays

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