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Confucius Cultural Festival Schedule
(China Daily)
Updated: 2009-09-23 11:46

Opening Ceremony of 2009 China (Qufu) International Confucius Cultural Festival and award ceremonies of "The Confucius Prize for Literacy," "The Confucius Prize for Culture" and "The Confucius Prize for Tourism"

Time: September 27

Venue: Qufu Apricot Altar Theater

Debut performance of "Confucius", an impressive singing and dancing drama

Time: September 27

Venue: Qufu Apricot Altar Theater

The Second World Confucian Studies Conference

Time: September 27-29

Venue: The Research Institution of Confucianism

The issuing ceremony of the eigth update of Confucius' Genealogy

Time: September 24

Venue: Qufu Temple of Confucius

2009 Memorial Ceremony for Confucius

Time: September 28

Venue: Hall of Great Perfection in the Temple of Confucius

Conference for commemorating the 2,560th anniversary of Confucius' birth

Time: September 22-28

2009 Businesspeople Conference

Time: September 26-28

Venue: Jining