The golden rules of TAICHI

Updated: 2012-09-14 06:36

(HK Edition)

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The golden rules of TAICHI

As for any other recognized game or form of art, there's always a set of golden rules to follow.

When one is immersed in practicing taichi qigong, three key aspects need particular emphasis. They are to regulate the body, respiration and the heart.

The beauty of practicing the art is that it fits in awfully well with land-starved Hong Kong as it requires very little space and can be done either indoors or outdoors. Practicing outdoors is recommended as it offers plenty of fresh air.

According to master Yuen, it's best to start taking up the art from the age of 10 although there's no age limit. The most appropriate times for practicing taichi are before eight in the morning, at midday, at dusk or after 10 in the evening.

Practitioners must bear this heavily in mind - his or her own physical and medical state. Yuen warns that if a person's health is not conducive for taking up taichi, getting involved with the exercise would not only render it ineffectual, but risky and potentially dangerous.

Practitioners should stop if there's numbness in the hands and feet or any discomfort in other parts of the body. It's advisable to drink some warm water before the exercise, and drink more after it for better urination and detoxification.

When practicing, it's advisable to stand towards the sun. "Facing the sun can evoke untold happiness and comfort compared with practicing when it's dark. Besides, the practitioner can thus absorb more warmth from the sun's rays to better invigorate the body," Yuen explains.

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