Chan tried to isolate Nina Wang: Witness

Updated: 2009-05-21 07:57

By Teddy Ng(HK Edition)

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HONG KONG: Fung shui master Tony Chan was described in the Court of First Instance yesterday as a treacherous man, and a perpetrator of malefic schemes.

The words of condemnation were spoken by Wang Tien-yi, a close friend and business associate of the late Nina Wang.

"(Tony Chan) is like a treacherous official in ancient time who is trying to isolate the king. He has a huge impact to Nina Wang," said the 86-year-old Taiwan businessman in his testimony before the court.

The Taiwan businessman testified at the 8th day of the probate trial that he met Nina's brother Kung Yan-sum on a business trip to Shanghai in 1990. Later he met Nina Wang, who was to become Asia's wealthiest woman when she inherited her husband's estate.

Wang Tien-yi said Nina and he traveled to Beijing in 1992. The businessman from Taiwan was introduced to Tony Chan's wife and then later to Chan himself.

A year later Nina Wang, Chan and the witness, Wang Tien-yi, traveled to Luohe, Henan province to visit a food factory. Chan ordered a well to be dug around the factory and ritual objects placed inside.

Wang in his testimony said that Nina believed the fung shui rituals were responsible for the profits on the investment. The witness believed differently - that the success of the factory was due to economic development of the mainland and to good corporate management.

A year later the three traveled together to Hebei province. They traveled to a site where three renowned Chinese generals Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei swore oaths to become brothers.

Wang said Chan suddenly grabbed his hands, saying that the two should become sworn brothers.

"Chan said he has the trust of Nina, and Nina listened to his every word. He could help me improve cooperation with Chinachem group," Wang said.

Wang Tien-yi said he reacted with disdain to Chan's suggestion.

"I was confused why he put the suggestion to me. I wondered whether I had value to be used by him. I thought he had bad intentions," he told the court.

The witness told the court he thought that Chan's proposition to him was arrogant.

Soon after, he said that the friendship between Nina Wang and Wang from Taiwan paled. The 86-year-old businessman said Chan warned Nina that her friend from Taiwan was full of "killing force" or ferocity.

"He must have ulterior motives," Wang Tien-yi said. "How could he tell Nina that thing and why did he want to exclude me?"

But Nina Wang followed the fung shui master's advice, and told Wang sadly that they must keep at a distance because a close relationship would lead to harmful consequences.

The witness alleged to the court that Tony Chan had gone so far as to suggest to Nina Wang that her birth data and life pattern placed her in conflict with her family members, and she should keep her distance from them.

"Nina just trusted Chan without doubt," Wang testified.

Wang said he tried to call Chan to question him about his toxic comments. Wang was unable to get through. Chan had changed his phone number.

The trial will continue today with former legislator Gilbert Leung on the stand. Former Correctional Services Department employee Wong Kam-po, whose testimony is connected to Leung, is expected to be called to the stand later in the day.

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