It's all about fun in Chengdu

Updated: 2007-04-28 09:00

Ancient Chinese poets and scholars have warned against going to Sichuan in one's youth, as it is easy to lose oneself in the luxuries of the province.

Chengdu, capital of SW. Sichuan Province, otherwise known as the Heavenly State, is more likely to call to mind giant pandas and spicy snacks than a scenic city. Rushing through would be a mistake. Chengdu is a city for everything but hastiness.

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If you're going to Chengdu, here are the TEN THINGS YOU CAN'T MISS


Drinking Gaiwan tea

Drinking Gaiwan tea (teacup with a lid) is a custom in the majority of Han residential areas. Being well-received in some big and middle-sized cities, this custom enjoys the most popularity in Chengdu.