Shanghai Disneyland still locked in talks
2009-Dec-14 15:53:17

The Shanghai Disneyland Park has received the green light from authorities but the details of the project are still under negotiation, said Bill Ernest, president and managing director of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts' Asia Region, at a ground-breaking ceremony of the Hong Kong Disneyland's expansion project on Sunday, the Oriental Morning Post reported.

Details such as entrance charge, scenic construction and capital structure can not be revealed since they are still being considered, according to Ernest, quoted in the newspaper.

The project, which was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission on Nov 23, will be jointly developed by Chinese and United States companies. The new theme park will be located at the Chuansha town of Pudong New Area, covering 116 hectares and will include an amusement park, a logistics support area, a public utilities area and a parking lot.

The expansion project of the Hong Kong Disneyland Park is expected to be completed by 2014. When it is completed the total amount of the rides in the park will exceed 100.

"The newly-added rides will help pushing the Hong Kong Disneyland Park to a whole new level. We are aiming to make this park a world-class family tourism attraction," said Jay Rasulo, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

Bill Ernest stressed that the company believes China has plenty of business to support the two Disney theme parks in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

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